Your Farm Adventure  

During your visit you will get the opportunites to discover what goes on at Slade Farm on a day to day basis.   You will meet about our pigs, sheep & cows. If lucky you will get to see some of our fantastic wildlife.  The tour is guided by Polly, the farmer so feel free to ask any questions. 


We are normally busy on the farm so all tours do need to be pre-booked.  Large groups are taken round the farm on our tractor & trailer and small groups, 2 to 4 people, can have private tours round the farm in the truck.

Teas & Cakes at the farm house 

We recommend that all tours at finished at Slade Farm House garden for homemake cakes & tea.  Slade Garden is a beautiful 9 acres garden a perfect end to your adventure. Joint Garden & Farm tours are also available contact us if you are interested and we can work out an itinerary that works for you!

Farm Tour Costs 2019 

Large Groups (25+) = £20.50 per person (includes homemade tea & cakes) 

Small Groups (between 24-10) = £30.50 per person (includes homemade tea & cakes) 

Private Groups (2 to 9 people) = £40.50 per person, (includes tea & cakes)

Educational Tours = £220 +VAT per group (Guided tour round the farm) 

For our 2020 prices see here

What a Farm Safari is like......

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FArm Tour Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available for the private tours.  £40.5 per person, or £100 for a group of 4.  Please contact us here for more info.